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World Open Freestyle Football Championships in Liberec (3rd - 9th Aug 2014)
The most famous event of freestyle football is in another stage of evolution. We are moving from Prague to Liberec and getting bigger set up and basically everything. Players from all over the world are going to meet again and battle for title of Super Ball champion 2014!
Registration OPENING Its exactly 8 months until the next Super Ball and we are officialy opening registration for you on date of 11th December 2014 exactly on 12am. We advice you to pay special attention to this act...
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Super Ball 2013 by Tekneek Videos from Tekneek are hot stuff every year and whole world is waiting only for that moment when Sven Fielitz or Thomas Vandendriessche click on Youtube icon "Upload". Their videos ar...
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Website updated
Website updated:: 04.11.2013
There is exactly 9 months until Super Ball 2014 starts and website is updated with all info you would need about anything. If you have any question about arrival, schedule, rules or just service...
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SB14 Informative clip part 1: venue 10 months before actual happening we have decided to present you series of informative clips about Super Ball 2014 which should answer all your questions by simple watching. Lucaso as tournament...
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Super Ball 2013 by Persian ball Super Ball 2013 brought together unbelievable amount of video artists and as result there is 14 overall videos from this amazing tournament. The most actuall and from our opinion the most atmosp...
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              Director: lucaso@freestylefootball.org
                              +420 775 210 889
    Pavel Jakubec
              Executive Producer: jakubec@pjart.cz


Jeronýmova 570/22
460 07 Liberec VII-Horní Růžodol
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