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Football Freestyle

SPART = SPORT + ART (two definitions of Football Freestyle)

Just as some other sports, even the worlds most popular sport has its more creative side. We are talking about football and its free part, Freestyle Football. In spite of the fact these two sports are similar in their origins, they are completely different. Ball stays, everything else goes. There is no need for team mates, pitches or more equipment - one man, one ball, no limits. This is exactly what makes Freestyle Football irresistible for young players and by-standers.

Freestyle Football has vastly progressed since its initial beginning, just 10 years ago.  Beginning with some juggling, headers and shoulders before it has now transformed into insane tricks, causing viewers to stand frozen in total amazement. Mainly thanks to events which are organized by various companies or crews, this sport is increasingly going to be recognized by worldwide media and the mass public. Eventually, the whole world can experience the amazement…

This was one of the main reasons why CFFA (Czech Freestyle Football Association) was created in Czech Republic. It organizes tournaments, meetings or simple live performances. It is proud of its achievements - specifically for a number of local championships or European Championship 2010, which was the biggest Freestyle Football event ever made.

This sport has huge potential and players are thankful for having new friends and contacts from it. Freestyle Football is not just a sport; it is lifestyle which is chosen separately.

Freestyle Fotball – where football becomes an art!



              Director: lucaso@freestylefootball.org
                              +420 775 210 889
    Pavel Jakubec
              Executive Producer: jakubec@pjart.cz


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460 07 Liberec VII-Horní Růžodol
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